Microservices architecture is the process or an approach to develop a single module of the application where there can be various small services performing on their own. For example, there can be one application that has all the services. These can be called microservices as they don’t represent any major services. The small microservices will have their processes and they can also communicate with another mechanism. In most cases, the HTTP API s used here. However, it can also be different.

Recently, people are shifting to this new microservice architecture where they can create the software. …

When we speak about databases, you can choose from few options. SQL vs NoSQL is the battle that is going on for a while among the people.

If you are also wondering which is better or you just want to see the contrast of SQL vs. NoSQL Databases, this is at the right place. We will see all the things that you need to know about these two.

Quick Battle of SQL vs. NoSQL Databases

Before we get into an in-depth battle. We will see the quick battle of SQL vs. NoSQL Databases. The main differences between these databases are following.

  • SQL is a relational database whereas…

It becomes hard to choose the best coding language are there are so many options available. If you have a look at the best programming languages, you will find not a few but many options. Even if you take on a particular platform, there are at least a few languages in which you can develop the products.

Wondering which is the best language you can learn or use in 2021 and further? We will be seeing a list for the same.

#1 Python

One of the best languages you can use in Python. Python is easy to learn and implement. The best…

There are mainly two ways you can create mobile apps. The first and well-known traditional technique is creating a great native app. The other technique is the hybrid app. This is cross-platform app development where anyone can use the same code for multiple platforms.

If you are a new developer, you surely might be wondering which of these is perfect for you, right? We have got you covered if that’s the question you have. We will see awesome things to keep in mind and how you can implement that.

In this way, you can surely decide where to start your…

Love your product but you haven’t updated it in a while? You are missing MANY things in that case. When you have a product, you need to modernize it constantly. Proving update once a while or once a year will surely harm your product. Instead, you will have to modernize it constantly.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to modernize your product.

User Experience

One of the most important reasons why do you need to modernize your product constantly is because of the user experience. The entire revenue and the sales of your product will depend on the user…

When it comes to cross-platform technology, there are few options you can go with. Apache Cordova and Flutter are two great options you can go with. People are often confused when choosing between these two technologies. Both of them look great and are providing great developer experience as well as user experience. So, the point is which one you should choose?

For the same reason, we will see a complete breakdown of Apache Cordova vs Flutter. We will see the main differences and compare Apache Cordova vs Flutter.


Cross-platforms apps are one of the most popular these days. They have…

The future of banking lies within Fintech. Financial Technology is helping a lot of banks in offering better service to their customer.

Is Fintech shaping the future of banking? Of course, Fintech is the main responsible for all the ease of banking we have now. It has made a lot of work easier and faster. People can now send money to any person directly with few clicks. They don’t even need to turn on their laptops, they can do it directly from the mobile phone. This shows the progress of Fintech.

What is Fintech?

Before we get more in-depth, let’s understand the meaning…

There are various types of chatbots that people can get. Among all of them, one is AI Chatbot. AI chatbot is the most advanced chatbot you will get here. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence.

Now, there are many things used here. Before we get into the definition, let’s understand some of the terms that we will use here. This will give you a better idea about the chatbot and will allow you to know more about it.

Terms about AI Chatbots

We will see the meaning of all the terms we will be using here. …

Ever wondered how do loyalty programs make money? It can be any loyalty program. Whether the program just shows you the discount offers such as loyalty cards or it can be an eCommerce loyalty program.

We will be seeing all the ways they can make money. Our main focus here will be on the eCommerce side rather than loyalty cards and all those stuff. So, if you are wondering whether you should add a loyalty program to your website or not, you are at the right place. …

The fintech industry is the place where it’s necessary to stay updated with the current trends. If you miss out on a single thing, you might be at a big loss. As financial things are the most important thing in people’s life. There is no way you can compromise things here. So, it’s necessary to stay updated here.

With that being said, we are here with the top fintech trends of 2021. These are the trends that will continue in 2021 and even further. If you are in the Fintech industry, you should surely focus on these. …

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