Comparison: JavaScript vs. Python for Machine Learning

Python is a high-level interpreted programming language with dynamic semantics and object-oriented programming that is easy to read and implement. It is a scripting language, such as Ruby/ Perl, which is also used to build web applications.

Javascript is an object-oriented programming language that you can use to create dynamic websites and is standardized in the ECMAScript language specification. Javascript supports various programming paradigms, such as object-oriented, functional, and imperative programming, but does not support procedural programming.

JavaScript vs Python Comparison

Arrays, tuples, and lists

JavaScript provides support for arrays as an integrated data type. Although there is no integrated support for arrays in Python, there is a solution for implementing arrays in Python. This is accomplished with lists that Python should place closest to the arrays.

Python lists are similar to other types of data available in programming languages. The main difference between a list and a tuple is that the former is editable, the latter is unchangeable.

Code blocks

JavaScript uses braces to define blocks of code. On the other hand, Python uses indents to define blocks of code. JavaScript uses ‘;’ as operator terminator, while Python uses a newline character.

Properties and Attributes

JavaScript objects have properties that can consist of basic attributes. This way you can define properties. In the Python programming language, you can use the descriptor protocol (with getter and setter functions) to define attributes.

Coding format

JavaScript must be coded as UTF-16. Likewise, there is no integrated support for handling raw bytes in programming languages. If no encoding format is specified, the default Python source is ASCII.

Hash Table

The Python programming language has integrated hash tables called dictionaries, sets, etc. Unlike Python, JavaScript does not support online hash tables.

Function Parameters

If you call a function with incorrect parameters, Python throws an exception. In addition, the additional syntax is accepted for passing parameters.

JavaScript doesn’t care if the function is called with the right parameters. This is because, by default, all missing parameters in JS are given “undefined” values. If there are other parameters, JavaScript treats them as special parameters.

Implicit conversion

Python is a strongly typed programming language, which means that there is no implicit conversion of the data type in the programming language. On the other hand, JavaScript is poorly typed and therefore offers implicit data type conversions.

Mobile development

In addition to external and internal development, JavaScript is also a good choice for mobile development. However, Python is not suitable for mobile app development.


Both Python and JavaScript support inheritance. The difference, however, lies in their type. JavaScript uses a prototype-based inheritance model, while Python uses a class-based inheritance model. In terms of inheritance, another difference between Python and JavaScript is that Python does not inherit methods from instances while JS does it.


Python has editable and immutable data types such as set (variable) and list (immutable). The Javascript has no concept of modifiability and immutability A mutable object is an object whose value can be changed after a value has been assigned to it. On the contrary, an immutable object cannot change its value. Contrary to the Python programming language, JavaScript has no concept of variability.

Libraries and Modules

Python is called a “battery-powered programming language” because it contains multiple modules. It also has many libraries that can be used to complete data analysis, machine learning, and scientific processing.

Unlike JavaScript, it contains fewer modules such as dates, JSON, and math. Other JS features are available through the host environment (usually a web browser) and there are very few things like operating systems.

Numeric type

JavaScript only has floating-point variables. In contrast, the Python programming language has several types of numeric data types such as int, fixed-point, and floating-point.

Access to objects

For each method, Python has an argument as its first parameter. In contrast, JavaScript has this method of accessing objects.


Both Python and JavaScript adopt a multi-paradigm approach, in the sense that they support more than one programming paradigm. Both Python and JavaScript offer functional, mandatory, and object-oriented programming techniques. However, Python has several aspects of a procedural programming language, but JavaScript does not.

REPL (reading the evaluation press cycle)

After installing Python on your system you will receive a REPL. However, no REPL is integrated into JavaScript. This is because JS mainly runs in the browser. However, with Node.js we can provide a REPL for JavaScript.


The difference between Python and JavaScript is very small because you can use Python and JavaScript for almost all operations because they have common features such as vocabulary, interpretation, object-oriented, functional and mandatory programming. If a language lacks certain features, we have many existing libraries and other extensions, and we can use these libraries to get everything we need.

You can also ask: should I learn Python or Javascript? We recommend that you focus on the main areas of study. For example, if you are developing the web, it is better to choose HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Users interested in machine learning, neural networks, or data science should consider learning Python. At the end of the JavaScript debate on Python, it’s also about your experience and preferences. For example, beginners can choose Python for its simple syntax.

Hope you understand these programming languages better. If you want to suggest the best learning method, I recommend using Python because it has a good IT market and is easy to learn.

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