There are various types of chatbots that people can get. Among all of them, one is AI Chatbot. AI chatbot is the most advanced chatbot you will get here. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence.

Now, there are many things used here. Before we get into the definition, let’s understand some of the terms that we will use here. This will give you a better idea about the chatbot and will allow you to know more about it.

Terms about AI Chatbots

We will see the meaning of all the terms we will be using here. Some of them will be basic whereas some of them are complex.

Chatbot: Chatbot is a piece of program that is capable of having a conversation with a human being.

AI: AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. It’s the process of programming a computer in such a way that it can interact with the human being. There are many more terms that go into AI. For example, ML, NLP, etc are all a part of AI. We will see the meaning of ML and NLP now.

ML: ML stands for Machine Learning. It’s a process using which the computer or the machine will learn itself without the need for any more external program. That’s exactly what the name says. So, you will have a better idea now.

NLP: NLP stands for Natural Language Processing. It’s a process using which the machine will try to understand the human language.

These are some of the terms that will be helpful when we get in-depth about AI Chatbot.

What is AI Chabot?

Now that you know about all the terms used, we can now get into the main definition of AI Chabot.

AI Chatbot uses NLP, ML, and rule-based chatbot functionality to deliver the best results. Using all of these, the chatbot is capable of conversing with a person.

When a person chats with the chatbot, the chatbot will first detect the language and process it. This is where the first concept is used. AI used NLP to process the language. With NLP, the chatbot can detect any type of human language. It is also capable of understanding the voice of a human. However, that’s a concept for a different day. Right now, we will be focusing on the AI chatbot.

After processing the language, the chatbot will look for the answer. It will check the data using the Machine Learning algorithm. Further, it will also check for the rules. Rules are the pre-planned answer given. If the answer is already given in the FAQ or the knowledgebase, it can be added as a rule in the chatbot. The AI chatbot will look for similar rules and see if there are any possible answer for the current situation. If there any possible solution for the current situation, the AI chatbot will prefer that answer over any other.

However, if there are no such answers, it will use ML to find the answers that they are looking for.

Here is one thing extra that benefits the user as well as you. It will save the conversation and try to find the context. This will help the chatbot in giving better answers in the future. If they know the context, the chatbot will serve the person better.

Example of AI Chatbot

Now, let’s take one short example of an AI-based chatbot to know exactly how it works.

We will take it to the eCommerce store as it is easy to understand. So, imagine the AI chatbot is for an eCommerce store.

If the users ask about the refund, the AI chatbot will detect the language and will look for the keywords at first. Here, the keyword is Refund. So, it will trigger the refund response and will give the refund answer as it was pre-defined.

The language processing will make sure that the question matches the rule. In simpler words, when the chatbot will detect and understand the language, it will know that whether the person is looking for a refund or they want to know about the refund policy.

If the rule-based answer is not triggered, it will look it up with ML. This will give the best answer to the user’s question.

The chatbot doesn’t stop here. When they answer, the chatbot will save the context and the conversation. The AI-Based chatbot will use the context in future conversations.

Let’s take one more example.

If a person is talking about the specific product with the chatbot and then they ask random questions such as “when this product will be delivered?”. The chatbot is smart enough to find the context of the conversation. Instead of giving a random answer such as “It usually takes 2 to 4 days”, the chatbot will give the product a specific answer here.

This is why the context is important.

Should you use AI Chatbot?

The last question that you might have is why you should use an AI chatbot. There are many types of chatbots you can get. You can get an intelligent chatbot that works in a similar way to AI. However, there is no NLP here.

Talking about AI chatbot, the development will cost you more as compared to others. So, if you go with a random chatbot such as a rule-based chatbot, it will cost you less. However, the AI-based chatbot will cost you more. In the same way, the results of AI are far better. For more information check our pervious article: How much does it cost to develop a chatbot?.

So, the answer is simple. If you are running a business and want to scale it up, you should surely go with the AI chatbot. On the other hand, if you are anew startup, you can go with an affordable chatbot at first and then scale it up to AI when your business is doing well.

Final Words

To conclude, this was all about AI chatbot. We saw all the things you should know about AI chatbot.

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